In early 2007, Sean Horan began writing a screenplay based on a concept he developed in improvisational acting troupe based out of Santa Cruz, California. Horan frequently took on the face of his title character, Seth, allowing him to develop a deep and complex figure. In the meantime he further crafted an entire neo-noir/fantasy narrative that would ultimately become the web serial Adventures with Seth.

After enrolling in the Broadcasting (BECA) Department at San Francisco State University, Horan became friends with a large, bombastic gentleman, Chris Knox, whom he immediately knew was the only person who could bring his script to life. Over the summer, the two developed the material further for the screen. Seeing the large scope of the project, Knox brought on former classmate Ali Cotrell to produce, owing to Cotrell's ample industry experience. Horan continued to transform his Adventures with Seth film script from feature-length to episodic while Knox and Cotrell assembled the crew, bringing on Michael Hastings (Audio Engineer), Chas Petersen (Editor/Visual Effects), and Yasu Higuchi (Cinematographer) as the primary production crew.

The script began to capture the imagination of everyone who read it, which saw the growth of their crew in the following months. Students from BECA, Drama, Cinema, and Music, both alumni and current students, began joining this promising project, such as Whitney Thomas (Casting), Ashley Soares (Publicity/PR), Michael Lutman (Cinematographer) and Olivia Griffin (Wardrobe), and many others. Before long, the crew was around thirty strong, with full- scale casting calls, a fully dedicated camera crew, sound and post-production departments, and a marketing department complete with web and graphic designers.

Everyone hoped that this would be the most amazing production a group of students could create. Their goal was to wow viewers have them leaning in with their jaws on the floor - and to do it all as an independent student community. It became a go-for-broke effort and while everyone on the crew pitched in from their own wallets, they were lucky to have many helpful donations. As production has continued, the Adventures with Seth crew has found that people love to help out this project, happily lending locations and equipment.

Adventures with Seth is doubtless the largest SFSU student production in recent years, utilizing talented, motivated students from every department in the creative arts school, and supported by the independent film movement of San Francisco.